~Learn How to Copy and Paste~

Here's how!

It's called the Copy/Cut and Paste method:

You have in front of you on the screen the email that you want to send to your friends.

Do not hit the forward button.

While viewing your email, highlight, by holding down the left mouse button down while you drag your cursor over the photos, text or both that you want to copy. The text or photos will have a blue color around them.

Try it on this text and you'll see what I mean. The highlighted text will turn a solid color, usually blue. This is what will be copied. This will not only work for content in emails but web pages too. Just about anything that appears on your screen can be copied.

Now that it is highlighted, hold down the Control key (The Apple key on a Mac) on the keyboard and at the same time, press the letter "C" for copy. (You can also right click on the selected text and select "copy" from the drop down menu) Now your selected content has been copied to your invisible clipboard where it is saved until you copy over it.

Next select a blank email (compose or write). Put your cursor in the body of the email (It blinks). Now hold down the Control Key
(The Apple key on a Mac)
and hit the letter "V" to insert it into your new email. (You can also right click and select paste from the drop down menu) Give it a try. Practice will make you better understand how this works.

Next select your address book and use BCC, which stands for Blind Carbon
Copy. Every program is different so you'll have to look for the BCC field which is usually where you put the email address in your composed email, always at the top. BCC will send your email to each person separately. Now, hit send and your done.

If you need to be shown how to do this, below is a video that will explain this in more detail.

Now that you know how.

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grannyjudy43@gmail.com said...

Can I copy and paste on my iPad?

Wally V said...

Yes you can. Copy and paste this URL.

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